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Litter *17.6.2019
Deerhaven X Marks the Scot x
female Nsase Hat Full of Sky
female Nsase Some Like It Scot

Litter *18.2.2009
W. D. O'La La Preston x
male Wild Bunch's Desingner Label
female Wild Bunch's Dressed to Impress

Litter *15.2.2005
x Dorley Lily of the Valley
female Chilly Milly

Litter *14.4.2000
Czarcrest's Mi'Wee Griffin x
female Kipleigh of Czarcrest

Litter *19.10.1997
Saredon White Rifleman at Robelroy x
male Jamaica Laddie
female Epworth Girl

Litter I Gold Lionet *3.11.1996
Peppermint O'Donoghue x
male Idris'ilex Imp Gold Lionet
male Ironbru Winkie Gold Lionet

Litter B Bedřiška *25.4.1995
Nebco x
female Bohdana Bedřiška

Litter *22.12.1993
Wesscots Moonlit Knight in Palisados x
female White Castle Queen

Litter *18.11.1990
Lusundy Crackerjack x
male Charlie with Three Black Points

Litter *29.1.1988
Wild Bunch's Queenspark Ranger x
female Paulinchen vom Vorderen Odenwald

Litter *23.1.1986
x Farina vom Pieperbach
female Amy vom Sachsenwald

Litter *23.8.1981
x Moss Side Quirida Carress
female Moss Side Sally

Litter *19.12.1979
Artie vom Schafshagenberg x
female Bonnie-Girl vom Groenauer Baum

Litter *21.3.1972
Morenish Geordie x
male Corbieha Spring Special

Litter S Clan Abigeus *
Cross My Heart du Moulin de Mac Gregor x
male Sutherland Clan Abigeus
female Saraid Clan Abigeus

Litter *
x Susie of Kentoo
male Jaimie Highlander
female Lahaina Hawk
female Silver Lady of Acton

Litter *
Pillerton Perry x
male Olac Melody Boy

Litter *
Kristajen Casterspell x

Litter *
Debeaux Jiggery Pokery x

Litter *
Teddi Mynach x

Litter *
Forguecroft Winston x

Litter *
Fredrick of Cilal x

Litter *
Benny Trap x

Litter *
Chum of Childwick x
female White Heather of East Port

Litter *
Birkfell Student Prince x

Litter Summer Path *
The Dashing Devil's Be a Star x
male Haggy de Summer Path
female Bree van de Kamp de Summer Path
female Laila de Summer Path

Litter *
x Zhasmirin Mari Kris
female Salli Lunn

Litter *
Alpin of Kendrum x
female Incheril Ishbel

Litter z Ksiezopola *
Show de Saragoir x
female Sweet Dreams z Ksiezopola

Litter *
Moreso x
female Highclere Romp

Litter *
x Fairy of Carrowcarden
male Tosh of Cloughboley
female Wee Tistle of Mullingar

Litter *
Coleen x

Litter *
Newtonglen Connor x
male Redfinch Melody


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