Flassendale Fairlie

Litter Charosmack *21.6.2014
Flassendale Fairlie x Leonhard's Chasing Snow with Charosmack
male Charosmack Codron Flite One
male Charosmack Cool Airflight
female Charosmack Crimson Fields

Litter Crinan *23.5.2014
Flassendale Fairlie x Crinan Calista
male Crinan Carra
male Crinan Celebrity
male Crinan Class Act
male Crinan Comic Strip
female Crinan Carousel
female Crinan Ceshanty

Litter Killynether *13.5.2014
Flassendale Fairlie x Killynether Krazy for You
male Killynether Kingdom
male Killynether Mac Dee
female Killynether Jessie
female Killynether Kentucky Woman
female Killynether Kiss and Tell

Litter *20.12.2013
Flassendale Fairlie x Roxholm Royal Flush
male Roxholm Alfie
male Roxholm Happy Chance
male Roxholm Hidden Promise
male Roxholm Chance Meeting
female Roxholm Pippin Ella
female Roxholm Rhapsody

Litter Charosmack *29.11.2013
Flassendale Fairlie x Hillcloud Ice Flake to Charosmack
male Charosmack Cold Play
male Charosmack Chipped Ice
female Charosmack Clear Icicle with Hillcloud
female Charosmack Cracking Ice

Litter Charosmack *28.7.2013
Flassendale Fairlie x Lizandycris Ruby Tuesday
male Charosmack Copper Beat
male Charosmack Copper Glow
male Charosmack Copper Light
male Charosmack Copper Night
female Charosmack Copper Dayze to Ashgate
female Charosmack Copper Sky


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