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22.4.2012 CAC Czestochowa , PL
Judge: Aleksandra Sekowska-Miros, PL

BOB, III. BOG male:

Agent Cornus Adoxa

Zwyciezca male:

Agent Cornus Adoxa

Zwyciezca female:

Armadale's Lady with Roses

Junior male:

Grand Bialy Blask

Zwyciezca Mlodziezy, Best Junior female:

Gwendolyne from Abigail's House

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XMALES - cl. baby
M VP1, Best Baby - Tommy Storczykowa (i)
*31.10.2011 Coby Victis & Queen Catherine Totus Tuus

XMALES - cl. junior
M Exc1 - Grand Bialy Blask (i)
*20.3.2011 Coby Victis & Kaja Dona z Briesen
XMALES - cl. intermediate
M Exc1, CWC - My Hairy Braveheart Victorix (i)
*15.10.2010 Sparkling a Bigger Bang & My Hairy Braveheart Secret Touch
M 2 - Very Happy Abigail's House (i)
*20.9.2010 Melvin vom Schloss Schwülper & Dakota Geslander
XMALES - cl. open
M Exc1, CWC - Vento Magie Blanche (i)
*3.12.2010 Just a Gigolo Gryffindor & White Lady Magie Blanche

XMALES - cl. champion
M Exc1, CWC, Zwyciezca, BOB, III. BOG - Agent Cornus Adoxa (i)
*7.2.2006 Ashgate Cornus & Viola Viva Adoxa
M Exc2 - Coby Victis (i)
*15.3.2005 Alborada Lusitano & Calypso Victis

XFEMALES - cl. baby
M VP1 - Parlano di Me Primavera Amico Bianco (i)
*15.11.2011 Coby Victis & Tou-Tou 4 Me z Ksiezopola
XFEMALES - cl. junior
M Exc1, Zwyciezca Mlodziezy, Best Junior - Gwendolyne from Abigail's House
XFEMALES - cl. intermediate
M 1 - Glow in the Dark Lady World (i)
*8.9.2010 Bubble Trouble Lady World & Ashanti Lady World
M 2 - Eureka Adoxa Szajka Rudych (i)
*17.9.2010 Ashgate Cornus & Klara Pustynna Burza
M 3 - Luka Osiem i Osiem
M 4 - Doda Alsanta
XFEMALES - cl. open
M Exc1, CWC, Zwyciezca - Armadale's Lady with Roses (i) ... gained title CH PL
*12.1.2010 Karamynd Guns with Roses & Armadale's Leading Lady

M Exc2 - Total Devil in Disguise (i)
*31.10.2009 Gerry Bohemia Arnet's & Arvena Mordor
M Exc3 - Laleczka Beta Plus
XFEMALES - cl. champion
M Exc1, CWC - Lavititita od Bobika (i)
*10.1.2006 Tweed Talk of the Town & Yentl Victis


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