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2.6.2012 Munster, IRL
Judge: Archie Bryden, IRL

BOB: male

Lynnsto Barclaycard

Reserve BOB female:

Lynnsto Platinum

Green Star male:

Lynnsto Barclaycard

res. Green Star male:

Loughallen Pause for Clause

Green Star female:

Lynnsto Platinum

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XMALES - cl. open
M 1, Green Star, BOB - Lynnsto Barclaycard (i)
*15.7.2008 Lynnsto Pellam & Lynnsto Soloist
M 2, res. Green Star - Loughallen Pause for Clause (i)
*7.12.2010 Karamynd Play the Game & Loughallen Cutest Connoisseur

XFEMALES - cl. open
M 1, Green Star, res. BOB - Lynnsto Platinum (i)
*11.9.2009 Lynnsto Barclaycard & Highcrest Enya Dreams Lynnsto


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