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7.7.2013 LG Thüringen, D
Judge: Željka Fon Zidar, SLO

BOB: male

Lucky Star's Ivanhoe

CAC male:

Lucky Star's Ivanhoe

res. CAC male:

Madison vom Krebsbach

CAC female:

Lucky Star's Jette

res. CAC female:

Amely Wolfs Mountain

Jgd. CAC male:

King of Your Heart Lady World

Jgd. CAC female:

Endless Love of White Gallardo

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XMALES - cl. junior
M Exc1, Jgd. VDH, Jgd. CAC - King of Your Heart Lady World (i)
*13.9.2012 Ever for Ever Lady World & Ashanti Lady World
XMALES - cl. intermediate
M Exc1, VDH, CAC, BOB - Lucky Star's Ivanhoe (i)
*3.11.2011 Avlingen's Tito & Lucky Star's Chayenne
M Exc2, res. VDH, res. CAC - Madison vom Krebsbach (i)
*21.1.2012 Qweeny Blataj & Iphy Sue Blataj
XMALES - cl. open
M Exc1, VDH - Bilbo of White Shadow (i)
*20.9.2010 Uncle Big of White Shadow & Yentel of White Shadow

XFEMALES - cl. puppy
M VP1 - License for Love Lady World (i)
*10.10.2012 Al'Fred Playing for White Gallardo & Alita Awelp
XFEMALES - cl. junior
M Exc1, Jgd. VDH, Jgd. CAC - Endless Love of White Gallardo (i)
*19.4.2012 I'm the Best Superbia & Karamynd Wine and Roses
M Exc2, res. Jgd. VDH, res. Jgd. CAC - V.I.P.'s Sunshine Lady of White Castle (i)
*3.2.2012 Hopeful F'Sunshine of White Castle & Geli's Special VIP of White Castle
M Exc3 - Baronesse von den Steigerwaldhöh'n (i)
*12.3.2012 W. D. O'La La Mc Driver & White Headline's Queen of Love
XFEMALES - cl. intermediate
M Exc1, VDH, res. CAC - Amely Wolfs Mountain (i)
*4.2.2012 W. D. O'La La Mc Driver & Artemis vom Simonhof
M Exc2, res. VDH - Sparkling All for Love (i)
*9.2.2012 Lucky Star's Jack Daniels & Sparkling Shine a Light
M Exc3 - Flame of Love Tuff Buddies from Ashhill (i)
*24.12.2011 Neat Jacko Cola vom Krebsbach & Beauty Tuff Buddies from Ashhill

M Exc4 - Oralee von der Falkenburg (i)
*3.10.2011 San Diego vom Schloss Schwülper & Wyomi von der Falkenburg
XFEMALES - cl. open
M Exc1, VDH, CAC - Lucky Star's Jette (i)
*19.12.2011 Avlingen's Tito & Lucky Star's Wishing Well
M Exc2, res. VDH - Mercedes von den Steigerwaldhöh'n (i)
*13.3.2011 Sovereign Santos Sundown McGuire & White Headline's X-Mas Lucy


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