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16.5.2016 CAC Saarbrücken, D
Judge: Steven Seymour, AUS/GB

BOB: female

Sparkling Lessons in Love

BOS: male

Dream Story It's My Life

Jgd. CAC male:

White Headline's Pierre Richard

Jgd. CAC, Best Junior female:

Luna of Nightingale

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XMALES - cl. junior
M Exc1, Jgd. VDH, Jgd. CAC - White Headline's Pierre Richard (i)
*11.2.2015 Keen Expression One Man Show & White Headline's Wishful Dream
XMALES - cl. intermediate
M Exc1, VDH, res. CAC - Harry Potter aus Grisus Höhle (i)
*2.9.2014 Maestro from Aelberts Hill & Damaris aus Grisus Höhle
M Exc2, res. VDH - White Bandits' I'm a Rising Star (i)
*18.1.2015 Shining Star Superbia & White Bandits' Chilly Pepper
XMALES - cl. open
M Exc1, VDH - Voice of My Heart Spotty of White Lions (i)
*24.7.2012 Bodyguard's Special Touch of Bourbon & Young Angel White Lion of Golden Nuggets
XMALES - cl. champion
M Exc1, VDH, CAC, BOS - Dream Story It's My Life (i)
*14.12.2013 Unique Comme Sam du Mat des Oyates & Dream Story Forever from Days to Days
LOF 69251

XFEMALES - cl. junior
M Exc1, Jgd. VDH, Jgd. CAC, Best Junior - Luna of Nightingale (i) ... gained title JCH VDH/D
*30.1.2015 Shining Star Superbia & Gibbs du Domaine de Hohenstaufen
M Exc2, res. Jgd. VDH, res. Jgd. CAC - Gale BCs Fashion Babe vom Westie-Waldhaus (i)
*28.7.2015 Magic Moments with Casper vom Märchengarten & Bärbell Treasure Love vom Westie Waldhaus
M Exc3 - Sparkling You're Unbelievable (i)
*31.7.2015 Llovall a King of Hearts & Sparkling Shine a Light
M Exc4 - Sparkling Champagne on Ice (i)
*29.1.2015 Can't Believe It Secret of Love & Sparkling Shine a Light
XFEMALES - cl. intermediate
M Exc1, VDH - Ice Crystal Lillifee aus Grisus Höhle (i)
*11.9.2014 Karamynd Guns with Roses & Alyssa aus Grisus Höhle
XFEMALES - cl. open
M Exc1, VDH, CAC, BOB - Sparkling Lessons in Love (i)
*8.9.2013 Nibheis Chips N Salsa & Sparkling Shine a Light
M Exc2, res. VDH, res. CAC - Dream Story Hell's Angel (i)
*4.10.2012 Shining Star Superbia & Dream Story Forever and Ever
LOF 66878
XFEMALES - cl. champion
M Exc1, VDH - Damaris aus Grisus Höhle (i)
*7.6.2011 Karamynd Guns with Roses & Bodyguard's She's the One of My Heart
M Exc2, res. VDH - Dream Story Girl for Me (i)
*16.11.2011 Dream Story Chepsy & Dream Story Everlasting Love
LOF 64926

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