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2.10.2016 CACIB Tulln, A
Judge: Jesús Pastor (Alborada),E

BOB: female

Eimi zo Zlatej záhrady

BOS: male

Hopecharm Space Cowboy

CACIB male:

Hopecharm Space Cowboy

res. CACIB male:

Brigoree Bolero

CACIB female:

Eimi zo Zlatej záhrady

res. CACIB female:

Wandering Fantasyland

Jugendbester female:

Olympia v. Paradise of Wind

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XMALES - cl. puppy
M VP - Pride N Precious Be My Vendetta (i)
M P - Pride N Precious Bang Bang (i)
XMALES - cl. open
M Exc1, CACA - Zenith of Rockwell U Can't Stop Me (i)
XMALES - cl. champion
M Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOS - Hopecharm Space Cowboy (i)
M Exc2, res. CACA, res. CACIB - Brigoree Bolero (i)
M Exc3 - Perry Mateus Blataj (i)

XFEMALES - cl. junior
M Exc1, Jugendbester - Olympia v. Paradise of Wind (i)
M VG2 - Brigoree Especially for You (i)
XFEMALES - cl. open
M Exc1, CACA, CACIB, BOB - Eimi zo Zlatej záhrady (i)
M Exc2, res. CACA - Catching Fire Vertragus (i)
M Exc3 - Mrs. Merry Lou v. Paradise of Wind (i)
XFEMALES - cl. champion
M Exc1, CACA, res. CACIB - Wandering Fantasyland (i)
M Exc2, res. CACA - Elka zo Zlatej záhrady (i)
M Exc3 - Patty Bílá amfora (i)
M Exc4 - Sparkling Lessons in Love (i)
XFEMALES - cl. veteran
M Exc1 - Easdales Delayla (i)


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