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18.3.2017 OG Asse, D
Judge: Torsten Lemmer (von Fausto),BG

BOB: female

Yulia Happy Naux

BOS: male

White Headline's Maximus-Aurelius

CAC male:

White Headline's Maximus-Aurelius

CAC female:

True Avadore Sunshine Celebration

res. CAC female:

Fleetwood For Me on Ebba

Jgd. CAC male:

Keen Expression Duncan McLeod

Jgd. CAC, Best Junior female:

Yulia Happy Naux

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XMALES - cl. baby
M VP - San Francisco vom Schloss Schwülper (i)
XMALES - cl. junior
M Exc1, Jgd. VDH, Jgd. CAC - Keen Expression Duncan McLeod (i)
XMALES - cl. champion
M Exc1, VDH, CAC, BOS - White Headline's Maximus-Aurelius (i)

XFEMALES - cl. junior
M Exc1, Jgd. VDH, Jgd. CAC, Best Junior, BOB - Yulia Happy Naux (i)
M Exc2, res. Jgd. VDH, res. Jgd. CAC - Flying Westies Diamond Daisy (i)
M Exc3 - Keen Expression Be My Bijou (i)
M Exc4 - Flying Westies Extra Touch (i)
M Exc - Highland Fling Scrabble (i)
XFEMALES - cl. open
M Exc1, VDH, res. CAC - Fleetwood For Me on Ebba (i)
M Exc2, res. VDH - Mylin vom Schloss Schwülper (i)
M Exc3 - Sometimes Serenade of Love (i)
XFEMALES - cl. champion
M Exc1, VDH, CAC - True Avadore Sunshine Celebration (i)
M Exc2, res. VDH - Keen Expression Whitney Houston (i)


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