Vision of Vertragus

Litter D Darlingwest *15.2.2020
Vision of Vertragus x Naika West-Land du Vieux Moulin
male Dillon for Mavs Darlingwest

Litter V Pan Cogito *4.11.2019
Vision of Vertragus x Gorwin Libusza
male Vampire Hunter Pan Cogito
male Van Helsing Pan Cogito
female Vampirella Pan Cogito
female Vampirka Pan Cogito

Litter *27.9.2019
Vision of Vertragus x Audrey de La'Pomme
female Ibiza de La Pomme

Litter E Sunshine Celebration *26.6.2019
Vision of Vertragus x Xtreme Poker Face Sunshine Celebration
male Enjoy the Silence Sunshine Celebration
male Enter My Dream Sunshine Celebration
male Everything Counts Sunshine Celebration
female Easy Tonight Sunshine Celebration
female Electric Feel Sunshine Celebration

Litter O Vixan *29.9.2018
Vision of Vertragus x Volta Pai Vertragus
male One of Kind Vixan
male Over the Moon Vixan
female Obsession Vixan
female Only You Vixan

Litter Semper Gloria *10.9.2018
Vision of Vertragus x Semper Gloria Love Affair
male Semper Gloria Sun Dance

Litter G Vertragus *11.7.2018
Vision of Vertragus x Lucky Lady from Vixan
male Get Up and Go Vertragus
female Gift of the Heart Vertragus
female Go and Win Vertragus
female Go for It Vertragus
female Great Spirit Vertragus

Litter *21.6.2018
Vision of Vertragus x Indilla Jarwik Pol
female I'm Meravigliosa Margo Masaradee Flow

Litter P Vertragus *15.6.2018
Vision of Vertragus x Pride N Precious Born for Vertragus
male Perfect Match Vertragus
male Perfect Player Vertragus
male Perfect Winner Vertragus
female Perfect Girl Vertragus

Litter N Vixan *10.3.2018
Vision of Vertragus x Volta Pai Vertragus
female Nothing to Add Vertragus from Vixan

Litter S Vixan *19.12.2017
Vision of Vertragus x Malala Vixan
female Shiny Stardust Vixan
female Simply the Best Vixan


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