Ashgate Stanley

Litter V Westibery's *22.7.2004
Ashgate Stanley x Yasmine of Jeryco
male Westibery's Victorious

Litter C Highland Hunter's *5.11.2003
Ashgate Stanley x From Dash Mountain Farm's Emotion
female Highland Hunter's Cascade

Litter Hopecharm *28.6.2002
Ashgate Stanley x Marabis White Wedding for Hopecharm
female Hopecharm Song of Norway
female Hopecharm Sound of Music

Litter *7.5.2002
Ashgate Stanley x Jealeys Pretty Kizzy
male Jealeys Clover
female Jealeys Buttercup
female Jealeys Daisy Flower

Litter *20.3.2002
Ashgate Stanley x Harrowbridge Diamond
male Hamish of Greenfields
male Mac of Glencoe
male Mischevious Ben
male Pampas Lad
female Ballaculish Sophie
female Hazels Cottage Girl
female Springtime Missy

Litter *20.2.2002
Ashgate Stanley x Faymar Border Maid
male Solo Frosty Moor

Litter *15.12.2001
Ashgate Stanley x Kilconnel Lucy
male Latimaar Beyond the Pale
male Latimaar First in Line
male Latimaar Little Lovix
female Latimaar Little Lady
female Latimaar Looking Lovely
female Latimaar Secrect Dreams
female Latimaar Star Attraction

Litter *29.11.2001
Ashgate Stanley x Braw Lass at Earlsdale
male Earlsdale over the Moon
male Earlsdale Wrekin Havoc
female Earlsdale Penny Forum

Litter *17.10.2001
Ashgate Stanley x Kichi Fantisque
male Exclusive Rights
female Camera Shy
female Focused on a Dream
female Photogenic Leading Lady

Litter *4.9.2001
Ashgate Stanley x Yorsar Fiona
female Yorsar Foura
female Yorsar Fourpenny

Litter *22.7.2001
Ashgate Stanley x Truffles Treasure
male Ladys-Mantle Stanley
male Sorrell Sinclair
female Meadow Saffron
female Rosebay Willowherb
female Teasels Treasure
female Truffles Trinket

Litter *21.6.2001
Ashgate Stanley x Culmawan Alison at Sydanian
male Casey Minstrel Man
male Digby's Famous Hero
male Fergus Tartan Trend
male Hamish Full of Pride
female Dawn's Perfect Present
female Sydanian Starlight Suprise

Litter *9.6.2001
Ashgate Stanley x Gypella Gentle Annie
male Bear Necessity
male White Polar Boy
female All Things Spice
female Gentle Gypsy Girl
female Kenmillone Touch of White
female Sweet Chilli Girl

Litter Ashgate *11.5.2001
Ashgate Stanley x Zinos Jessie McKechnie
male Dearg Mor
male Chno Dearg
male Mack Siccar
male Snow Brady
female Ardelve Elliedaise by Ashgate
female Glas Mheall Mor
female Mealloch Mhor by Ashgate

Litter *8.4.2001
Ashgate Stanley x Stunning Snowdrop
male Hamish of Halkirk
male My Angus of the Glen
female Megan of Moorlands

Litter *30.12.2000
Ashgate Stanley x Jealeys Pretty Kizzy
male Jealeys Bugsy Malone
male Jealeys Snowball
female Jealeys Snowdrop
female Jealeys Snowflake

Litter *15.8.2000
Ashgate Stanley x Incheril Genever
male Incheril Branklyn
male Incheril Bryn
male Incheril Jarvis
male Incheril Sean
female Incheril Andrea
female Incheril Camelia

Litter *18.7.2000
Ashgate Stanley x Rosquin Katrine
male Rosquin Conor
male Rosquin Macgregor

Litter *10.7.2000
Ashgate Stanley x Winter Primrose
male Kenmillen Busy Boy
male Kenmillen Dancing Lad
male Kenmillen Teazle
female Kenmillen Briony
female Kenmillen Snowie by Ashgate

Litter *30.6.2000
Ashgate Stanley x Glanure Briar Rose
male Glanure Cragaburn
female Glanure Cassandra
female Glanure Cosette

Litter *22.5.2000
Ashgate Stanley x Trenear Esha
female Trenear Oban Mischief
female Trenear Orkney Isle Flora
female Trenear Overscraig Lass

Litter Armadale's *
Ashgate Stanley x Armadale's With a Personal Touch
female Armadale's Full of Fire

Litter from Dash Mountain Farm's *
Ashgate Stanley x Ashgate Ceol Beag
female From Dash Mountain Farm's Levi Lois


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