Ashgate Campsie

Litter *9.6.1987
Carillyon Calibar x Ashgate Campsie
female Gleneagles Candy Trews
female Gleneagles Wild Heather

Litter *9.11.1984
Tambrae Trojan x Ashgate Campsie
male Trojans Warrior
female Campsies Carousel
female Elliemore Sweet Venture

Litter *31.10.1983
Domaroy Saracen x Ashgate Campsie
male Carefree Buccaneer
male Johneans Nae Bother Atall
male Lord of the Isles Alone
female Beaufoi Marrillion
female Pat's Personally Yours
female Rebeccas White Lace

Litter *23.10.1982
Erisort Senator of Ashgate x Ashgate Campsie
male Toorie of Johneans
female Joanne Girl
female Manderlay Truly Trudy


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