Wesscots Fairytail

Litter *18.8.1999
Janchard Unforgeta-Bell x Wesscots Fairytail
male Belle Vue Fire King
male Belle Vue Out of the Blue
male Belle Vue Powder Monkey
female Belle Vue Simply Red
female Bellevue Adorable

Litter *20.2.1999
Ashgate Bern Era x Wesscots Fairytail
male Bellevue Just Hamish
male Bellevue Lord of the Dance
male Bellevue Movie Star
female Bellevue Jessica
female Bellevue Summer Wine
female Bellevue Tap Dancer

Litter *7.12.1997
Bellevue Wise Guy x Wesscots Fairytail
male Bellevue Colombus
male Bellevue Flamboyant
male Bellevue Footsteps
male Bellevue Royalist
female Bellevue Love Token of Pryorvale


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