X-Man of Surprise

female Smile for the Paparazzi of Westyle (*23.11.2011, Power Puff Girl of Westyle): JCH H

female Franer is of Surprise Smiley (*21.12.2010, Witchcraft of Surprise): CH H, CH Jubileumi/H, CH RO, GCH SRB, GCH H

male Franer is of Surprise Ozon (*15.12.2010, Surprise): C.I.B. , CH H, CH SRB, CH RO, GCH H

female Herceggyöpi Szepseg Elisabeth (*3.2.2011, Sweetness'N'Light of Surprise): JCH KfT/D

female Tory's Secret Fire of Surprise Westie (*20.10.2011, Yod-Lee of Surprise): C.I.B. , CH Breed/UA, CH UA, CH BG

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